The victim mentality is detrimental to one’s happiness. Self-victimization denies an individual of growth, abundance, and power. I have spent much of my life trapped in this dark space of powerlessness. I allowed past experiences, relationships, and fear to control my life.

Although our relationships with others do have an effect on our lives, we must acknowledge our Responsibility. There is immense power in Responsibility. Once I awakened to the fact that I am the only person who is accountable for my happiness, many great things manifested into my life. These things did not simply manifest out of thin air. They manifested as a result of spiritual inner work through meditation practices, intention rituals, and immersing myself in self-help books and videos. Please don’t be mistaken. There is still sooo much work to be done, but I am grateful for the growth and transformation I have experienced.

My work is a reflection of my spiritual awakening to my true power. My goal is to inspire others to feel empowered. We do not have complete control over our lives. I do not discredit the Higher Source/God/The All. However, we do have the ability to create things in our reality by altering our mentalities.

The women that I paint are not just beautiful faces, they are Goddesses. They are such because of their awareness of how reality responds to mentality. Most of these Goddesses have their eyes closed to represent being in the meditative state. Those who have their eyes open are able to maintain spiritual alignment even when they are not in meditation.